Charles University (CU)

The primary goal of Charles University is the systematic development of science and scholarship, based on research of the highest quality. The first mission of the University therefore remains to scientific and research activity, as well as artistic or other creative activities with which educational activity is closely tied. One of the indicators of Charles University’s quality is the improvement in its standing among the world’s leading universities. The quality of teaching is to a certain extent reliant on the quality of scientific and scholarly research performed in each university unit. For that reason, the University sets as the goal for all of its study programmes, especially those on the Doctoral and Master’s levels, that they be based to the maximum extent possible on scientific work and individual student research activity. Another priority of the University is its openness, further qualitative progress in international cooperation with other universities and its internationalization in general. The aim is to reach a high standard in joint international research projects and mobility, especially among doctoral students and young academic and research staff members. Openness and quality must also be evident where the University actively enters into social practice. The University wishes to have an effect on the crossroads of research (generating knowledge in basic research and creating unobstructed space for its application), education and innovation.

The University’s ambition is to be a prestigious research University in an international context. A stable position of Charles University among the top 200 world-renowned universities will serve as proof of this goal having been fulfilled. In the future, the University must focus in particular on raising the quality of its Doctoral and Master’s studies, and so attracting the top graduates of other universities both at home and abroad and creating a dignified environment fit for scientific work.

CU will lead within ARICE for the development of a framework for cancer research, including the evaluation of precious experiences and optimizing cancer research protocols. The latter will focus on protocols for genomics-based cancer research. Additionally, CU as one of the top 5 EU institutions in terms of student preferences in ERASMUS+) will organize the summer school in cancer prevention.