Identification of possible ethical, legal, organizational barriers and developing a roadmap for achieving excellence will be conducted during the initial months of ARICE. Issues related to ethics, legal aspects, data standards, operational procedures and institutional infrastructure will get analysed. This work will be completed by a workshop involving international experts. Roadmap will be developed to be used within the lifetime of the project; this Roadmap is planned to be updated prior to completion of the Project, to increase the probability of onward adoption for the project outcomes.

WP2 & WP3
WP2 - Improvement of skills in study design, biostatistics and scientific writing, will be addressing theoretical expertise, while WP3 - Biobanking quality enhancement and hands-on-training – practical issues, including good biobanking practice. Active knowledge transfer will be achieved by using different means: short time exchange visits, courses, individual learning under the guidance of experts, hands-on training in expert institutions as well as virtual learning. This process of knowledge transfer will be supplemented by hands-on training in scientific writing and project development under the supervision of experienced experts.

Developing a framework for cancer research will be a hands-on practice training experience under close mentorship of experts. This WP will provide hands-on training on study protocol design and improvement by evaluating 2 research protocols related to cancer research and anchored in pathology, and suggesting improvements to these protocols based on the acquired knowledge. In addition, training in modelling principles will be an important part of this WP.

Implementation of the acquired expertise to cancer research activities via active mentoring will be an exercise on putting the acquired knowledge to practice, in particular based in the limitations revealed during WP1 and the Roadmap created. This process will be managed under the active mentorship of the experts.

Networking, communication and dissemination will provide wide distribution of the excellence within the consortium and beyond. Society communication to create positive understanding and attitude towards biobanking and cancer prevention research will be an important part of this activity.

Project management activities will provide the required regular communication, administrative and financial management of ARICE.