“In the future the health would be contagious, not the disease”: ARICE expert Karine Sargsyan at “Digital Davos 2023”

Honorary Doctor of Yerevan State Medical University, ESBB President, ARICE expert, WHO expert Karine Sargsyan, from Cancer Center Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, International Biobanking and Education at Medical University Graz, and Department of Medical Genetics at YSMU, gave a speech during the discussion “Future of our World in 2050” in the framework of “Digital Davos 2023”.

“Families will mainly remain, nevertheless, they will be different from the families we know now. In the future the communication with our loved ones will be without words, we will just look at each other. We will have better channels to pick the important parts of the communication up”, she said in particular. If we had COVID 20 years ago, she added, we wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively like we did during the last years. In the future, according to Karine Sargsyan, we will have better tools for communication – more direct and more real-like tools. “I hope, during the next “Digital Davos” we can even touch each other. And we will learn to be more kind, I think, kindness is the key to future communication and one of the most important features of a human being, as anonymity allows people to be rude”, she emphasized.

The future of medicine, from the expert’s point of view, is really the top issue people must think about. “If we look back to the last 2 years, we were able to generate the vaccine very fast. That would not be possible 10 years ago. The speed of development of medicine and biotech in general is incredible even now. Imagine how it will be in 30 years. Our experts predicted that in the future the health would be contagious, not the disease. And I very much hope that's the true future of our planet. I hope that in the future the cancer would be curable like normal influenza. The diagnosis will be much easier. I think that the future medicine will bring 3 things: easy diagnosis, precise diagnosis and precise treatment. If that is possible, we will, maybe, live 150 years”, Karine Sargsyan added.

It should be reminded that in her book "The World in 2050" she analyzed the predictions obtained from the collective intelligence.

Karine Sargsyan also told about her recent work in homeland – Armenia. “I am involved in Armenia in an incredibly nice project which is developing a whole part of a country which called “Gagarin valley”. In this valley people are running away because there is nothing to do: factories are closed and so on. The initiative group is developing the whole valley. There will be an academy for sciences, and there will be an institution where a future center will be constructed. Here we will select our most important people, outsource our ideas and prepare the world for the future based on the predictions of experts who know already in which direction we are going. Maybe to predict, in one hand, and to protect us from big failures to prepare our young generation to be greater and smarter than we are”, she said.