ARICE expert Karine Sargsyan became YSMU Honorary Doctor

The President of the ESBB (European, Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking), the Founder and the Head of the Biobank of the University of Graz, Visiting Professor of YSMU Department of Medical Genetics, Expert of the EU ARICE Program, WHO expert Karine Sargsyan became Honorary Doctor of the 100-year-old Yerevan State Medical University.

Introducing Karine Sargsyan, Rector Armen Muradyan emphasized: “Karine Sargsyan has created biobanks in leading European universities, founded the Faculty of Digital Medicine. There are not many specialists in this field in the world, and I am very pleased that one of them is a graduate of our university. Karine Sargsyan is a professor whose articles are published in the most prestigious journals in the world, she is also a WHO expert, and recently she became the head of one of the departments at UCLA.”

Expressing gratitude for conferring the title of Honorary Doctor of YSMU, Karine Sargsyan said: “At this university I learned to be a person, I learned sympathy, I learned to be a thinking doctor, I learned to be a research doctor, I learned to be a colleague. Medical University is my home, no matter where I am physically. I teach at 19 different universities around the world, from Qatar to the US, but here I am at home. Thanks for this".