BioTechX Basel 2022: ARICE expert Karine Sargsyan’s presentation

The BioTechX 2022 international conference was held in Basel, Switzerland, on November 8-10.

Karine Sargsyan, MD, Prof., ESBB President, EU ARICE expert, YSMU Visiting Professor and graduate, made a presentation on rare diseases and Biobanking, stressing the correlation of cancer and low-grade inflammation.

During her speech, professor also spoke about ARICE program, emphasizing the importance of Biobanking for the Armenian population.

It should be noted that BioTechX 2022 is Europe’s largest congress in digital transformation in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. BioTechX Basel 2022 included:

- 2000+ attendees;
- 400+ speakers;
- 150+exhibitors.